"Even if you don't think of yourself as a very theological person, it's important to ask yourself theological questions when your waiting leaves you doubting.

Do you believe God is all-powerful?
Do you believe that God is loving?
Do you believe that God is good?

If so, he has a purpose for your waiting, even if you cannot see it.

Pastor and physician D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones contended that the best way to fight off spiritual depression was to talk to yourself rather than listen to yourself.

Like the psalmist, we must stop listening to our fears and start preaching to ourselves the goodness of God even when we can't see it clearly."

"No matter how aimless your waiting may seem, if you are God's child, he has a purpose for your holding pattern, and because he is good and loving, he will keep you in it until his purpose is accomplished."

Seasons of Waiting, chapter 7 page 96-97


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