There's a looot of things I want to write. Too many draft posts I have on blog or phone that haven't been published. Ada yang masih outline, cuman kalimat pertama, setengah jadi, sampe yang udah mayan padat isinya tapi tetep gak ke-publish.

Maybe I'm too busy with working at office.
Maybe I'm too busy to earn money--so that I won't depend on my father anymore.
But I often contemplate on my own thought: is this the thing that you really want to do? Is it His calling? If so, why you can't have the joy, the contentment, and the peace? Why everything seems so wrong? Why earning much money doesn't make me feel...happier? (Yea, no doubt that I need money too, but...I just can't understand why I can't feel happy. I feel like less motivated and have no desire while doing my job).

Apa yang harus gue ubah?


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