I think the words "We're just friend" has to be ended here.
Right now.

And it's time to close the door to fear of rejection, so the memories won't appear anymore.

It's not because I have a 'new one'.
It's not because I have already healed from the past events.
It's because I decided to be healed, and to feel the forgiveness, especially from myself.

I need a healthy self-love.
Not a selfish one, but a healthy one.
When I'm healthy, I'm sure that I can have a healthy relationship with others as well.

Counting down to the end of 2022, I decided to walk away from that "just-friends" bad memories, and start to loving Meista again just the way she is.

Will I get rejected again?
Sure. I'm not immune to rejection. But now I do know...that I shouldn't have to be the Meista that she used to be.
I will keep honest and true to myself, makes her healthy inside-outside, and letting her to enjoy her wonderful life in this cruel world.


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