A Story from The Clueless Girl

She's confused.

She's always wondering how to live her life well.

She often hesitates to herself.

She doubts herself.

That's why, because of all her hesitation, she often reached out to anyone to help her clear her mind; to guide her about what should she do according to the suggestions.

That's why she always loved to have a long chit-chat with anyone who understands her mind, her feelings, and her situation—she's been given a gift from Above in the form of sensitivity so that she can choose which person she will trust her life story to.

She is often trapped in cluelessness. At this point, her energy will absolutely drain out. Sometimes she just needs to spill out her emotions to her trusted friends, take a nap, or do nothing until she can figure out everything.

She often hears: "You must have faith and keep going forward.", but there are times that she's confused about whether she still has the faith or the faith has disappeared.

She has some trauma issues. When the situation brought her to the new adventure, some bad memories come to her mind and remind her how painful and disappointing the situation was. Maybe she's already forgiving her past mistakes, and her past memories, but she couldn't forget the pain. She's struggling to embrace the bad memories, but sometimes she fails to believe that there is hope in this new adventure. 

Reaching the end of 2022, she realizes that she's on her new adventure now. The new adventure asks her to enjoy everything that comes into her life, and don't let the past distract her focus and lose the chance to feel the joy in her heart.

Keep going, Meista. You've got this! ๐ŸŒธ


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